Monday, 8 July 2013

Climbing the ladder of success

In the news today a TV journalist in India has been sacked after delivering a news report on serious floods in the north of the country where over 1,000 people died while sitting on the shoulders of a man with the flood water lapping around his knees.  

An employee of News Express in India stated that Narayan Pargaien was guilty of "grave misconduct".  Mr Pargaien is insistent that the man in the clip who had lost his home in the floods had been paid and was happy to be used as a human ladder.  The ace reporter was very keen to blame his cameraman too because he was only meant to film him from the waste up to avoid showing the destitute homeless man.

Whilst the report was not broadcast by the TV station, the video was anonymously uploaded onto YouTube where it has had thousands of hits.  Although the clip has been stated to have caused outrage it isn’t clear who is irate other than his now former employer.

One of the main attributes to be a successful news reporter is to be quick-witted and sharp to stay one step ahead of the opponents.  Mr Pargaien was doing just that, ‘How do I get a great shot in the middle of the flood stricken streets whilst my trousers remain dry?’  Maybe on reflection the use of a desperate displaced victim of the disaster wasn’t the best option, even if he did agree to it.

There is no news on what has become of Mr Pargaien, early indications that he is looking at becoming an optical illusionist are unfounded.  Given his poor behaviour he is unlikely to be awash with job offers and he best practice his stilt walking skills if he wants to do any more flood reports.  Oh and find himself a better cameraman too.