Friday, 3 May 2013

Name and shame

In the news today, New Zealand are having a clampdown on new parents with the banning of certain baby names. This comes after a string of 'unsuitable' submissions to the countries births and marriages department.

Some of the recently rejected names included, Queen Victoria and the symbol '\'. Strict officials told parents it would contravene tight rules on what are considered acceptable. Other rejects include stand-alone letters that are clearly initials but do not stand for anything. 'AJ', 'MC', 'VI', 'LB' and 'CJ' were all turned down. I'm a little disappointed not to see 'BJ' to be honest.

You really have to admire some parents efforts with proposed names for their offspring and at the same time question their suitability as role models. 'Lucifer' 'Anal' and 'Mafia No Fear', funny as they are, would not produce a normal child.

The department has recently produced a banned list of names which include, '4Real' 'King' and 'Duke', the last two making the list as they could imply the child has a title. Some hard of thinking parents even wanted to call their children '2nd' or '3rd' in order of their arrival.

The most popular rejected name is 'Justice' although my absolute favourite is 'Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii', which in 2008 a court ordered had to be changed. Stating that it made the girl look foolish and would cause her embarrassment. She could have just shortened it to Hula.

At the time, the judge criticised parents who gave their children bizarre names, citing examples such as 'Number 16 Bus Shelter', 'Midnight Chardonnay' and a set of twins that were called 'Benson' and 'Hedges'. All of which are highly entertaining unless you are one of those poor unfortunate siblings.

I think the underlaying issue here is not the bizarre names but the actual suitability for these people to bring life into the world. I'm sure a child called John will have a better chance of a stable upbringing than one called Mighty Duke.

Some of my own suggestions will possibly not get past the officials but may reflect some of the parents more accurately.
Dole money, Carlsberg, McD and Workshy? Maybe not.

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