Sunday, 12 May 2013

Ice cream inflated Lolly

In the news today, well, more last week but who’s bothered.  Consumer chiefs are investigating after four British tourists paid 64 euro (£50) or ($83) for four ice cream cones in the Italian capital of Rome.

Roger Bannister and his wife, along with his brother and wife were on a short break and stopped for an ice cream at the Antica Roma ice cream parlour.  Aware of prices becoming inflated if they sat down, they cunningly ordered the ices to go.

Mr Bannister, who is a company executive from the West Midlands, said: ''They didn't even say thank you when we paid.” And added, “How can they get away with charging that much?”  The question I’m examining Roger is, how can you be that stupid?  Mr Bannister continued to be outraged by saying, “It's scandalous and should not be allowed to happen.” You allowed it to occur Roger; there was a choice you could have made other than paying the clearly inflated prices.

I’m not wishing to be unkind to Mr Bannister, as I’m the worse person for working out sums but even I would have questioned 64 Euros.  You also have to query how Mr Bannister managed to become a company executive; I can only assume that he doesn’t do his own accounts.

A staff member from the ice cream parlour, who has remained anonymous, said: ''The prices are clearly on display. They got what they asked for - four ice creams.”  Which is a fair point, a minute spent to look at the price list before proceeding with the acquisition would have saved Mr Bannister from making a national embarrassment of himself and family.

With today’s smartphone technology and internet access there is little excuse for not being able to work out the exchange rates.  The ice cream establishment and others are clearly preying on the British tradition of not complaining and charging extravagant prices. But the fact still remains that although life offers you many choices,  this was undoubtedly one of yes or no.  Simple.  

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