Saturday, 4 May 2013

Company man, forever

In the news today, a New York company has offered its staff a 15% pay raise for being tattooed with the company's logo. The brokerage firm run by Anthony Lolli says that not only does it prove the employees loyalty to the company but they receive a healthy pay increase.

So far in the last two years around forty employees have taken the plunge and been branded with the everlasting reminder of who they work for.  The company, Rapid Realty, has a logo that isn’t too offensive in that it is made up from the letters of its name and most employees are sporting it on their forearms.  It might be a different story if they worked for a contraceptive firm.

The scheme was put into motion after one employee got the tattoo to prove his devotion to the company.  A corporation logo pen neatly tucked into the shirt pocket for all to see would be a less eternal display of dedication.

I’m just wondering what would happen if the company ever went under and there would be forty unemployed branded ex devotees wandering the job centre like cult members that have lost their leader.  Maybe they could incorporate the tattoo computer chip so that they can be tracked and take another step closer to the big brother state.

When you think on one hand that Mr Lolli has increased his wages bill considerably, if you have got the perpetual company brand with you at all time, you are less likely to leave the firm, thus increasing productivity and the fortune of the aptly named Anthony Lolli.

I’m unsure that this scheme will catch on elsewhere; it is after all an extreme measure to take. I can’t see workers from McDonalds rolling up their sleeves and proudly showing off their yellow M’s, or workers from the sanitary products factory. 


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