Thursday, 11 April 2013

Me want cookie and $2

In the news today, the cookie monster has been arrested!  Yes that lovable furry blue munching biscuit lover from Sesame Street has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child along with aggressive begging.

This shocking revelation is said to have taken place in New York’s Times Square when a family from Connecticut stopped to pose for a photo with Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez who was actually dressed as the character.  Osvaldo is accused of pushing a two year old child & shouting obscenities at the family when they allegedly refused to tip him $2.

Apart from bringing the very name of the cookie monster into dishonour, Osvaldo has possibly left a two year old child with lifelong mental scars when it was assaulted by a giant version of a personality that they had previously only seen harmlessly consuming cookies on the TV in the sanctity of her own home.

There does seem to be a pattern emerging here when a performer dressed as a Super Mario Brother was accused of groping a woman in Times Square. Although Osvaldo has no previous convictions for this kind of behaviour, it is concerning that the very name of the cookie monster, whose real name is Sid, is being associated with the poor conduct of street performers. 

Sid, aka the cookie monster criticised of eating so many cookies has since 2006 stated that they are a ‘sometimes snack’ and that he also likes fruit and eggplant.  I’m sure he doesn’t and that the folks at Sesame Street are trying to be seen to be promoting healthy eating in children.  He wouldn’t really have the same appeal as the melon monster or the banana beast. 

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