Sunday, 7 April 2013

Magic researchers

In the news today, the treatment for depression using magic mushrooms has been delayed due to legal problems.  The illegal class A drug has been linked to helping in the fight to combat the condition.

The highly amusingly named study leader professor Nutt has stated that he has been prevented from giving suffers an opportunity to receive relief from the illness by red tape. Despite being handed a £550,000 research grant, they are not allowed to pick the mushrooms as it is illegal to do so.

The law states that academic researchers are not allowed to manufacture their own Class A drugs and must obtain them from external sources. Companies need to obtain the necessary Home Office licence; this can take up to a year and triple the cost.  This is without the EU becoming involved with their guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practice which just about makes it impossible to progress.

Professor Nutt was sacked from his position as the Governments chief drug adviser in 2009 and also was asked to step down from his role as chair of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs in the same year after claiming that alcohol and tobacco were more harmful than LSD, ecstasy and cannabis.

Given the professors previous & the fact that he states that trials with magic mushrooms have already indicated that they can work for easing depression, you have to ask how has this conclusion been reached if they are illegal to use? I can just picture the professor and his team at the Imperial College in London off their faces. “Hey I don’t feel at all depressed, in fact I feel amazing!”

 With a £550,000 grant I’m sure the problem of supply can be overcome, they’re in London, I’m sure dealers are not that hard to come by. They could always try some other more easily obtainable drugs, I’m confident that pretty much any narcotic will combat the effects of depression, for a while anyway.
I wonder how they find volunteers for this kind of research?  Ads in the local classifieds?

WANTED: Individuals required for Government backed research, candidates must be manic depressive and or have suicidal thoughts or at the very least be feeling slightly down.  Class A drugs supplied free of charge.  Food not supplied but we have lots of cash so we could send out for pizza should anyone get the munchies.

Researchers discovered that when healthy volunteers were given the drug it shuts down a region of the brain known to be over-active in depression.  So if I understand this correctly, they gave someone a class A drug known for its mind-altering effects similar to those of LSD and once they were given this, they no longer felt depressed.  Genius, that’s £550,000 worth of anyone’s money well spent. 

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