Wednesday, 3 April 2013

High wire act

In the news today, a good reason not to consume alcohol when a drunken man endangered his life in downtown Linfen, in north China's Shanxi Province by hanging from power cables.

The man, who had scaled a utility pole & climbed onto the cables 30 feet above the ground, had given his reasons for the foolhardy stunt as being in a bad mood.  I tend to opt for the throwing something across the room or swearing choice myself, much safer.  

After the electricity was switched off to prevent him from being crispy fried and fire-fighters attempted to coax the inebriated sulking man down, he fell from the cables onto a lower set of wires before finally dropping into an inflated bed supplied by the fire- fighters.

As is often the case with intoxicated people, he was unharmed and left only with an excess of alcohol in his body.  It’s odd that accidents that befall you in a drunken state very frequently leave you uninjured, when a simple sober trip on the pavement can break an ankle.  It must be something to do with the bodies relaxed and more limp standing when under the influence of liquor. 

My own father tripped at the top of the escalator in the underground at Westminster station whilst returning home from a few ‘sherbets’, as he referred to it.  The distance from the top to the bottom being over 100 feet.  After several rolls and knocking other commuters over like pin balls he arrived at the bottom in a crumpled drunken heap with nothing more than a few bruises.  An event that would have undoubtedly have broken his neck along with several other bones had this happened whilst sober.

There’s no further news on our oriental high wire act, after causing disruption to power supplies and the financial cost of the emergency services he appears to have disappeared to sober up.  If you want to see his inebriated antics they were captured on video and can be found on the following link:

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