Saturday, 16 March 2013

Twitter your money away

In the news today, Labour MP Fiona Mactaggart has made the fatal error of combining twitter, (possibly some wine), and fund raising for comic relief with a drastic outcome for her bank balance.  The Member of Parliament for Slough foolishly posted on her twitter account that for anyone that re tweeted her pledge she would put up the cash for each of them. 

This blunder was posted just after 8pm & she gave a cut off time of 9pm, but after just 35 minutes she called a stop to it as it had amassed a total of £14,268.  The MP who confessed to being twitter na├»ve, was asked if she could afford the pledge, with some joking that she would claim it back on her Parliamentary expenses.

Also denying that she was using the charity event to boost her own profile, Fiona stated that she was “Glad to remind Twitter folk to give”.  The 59 year old has previously worked as a primary school teacher, clearly not with Maths as her chosen subject.

Whatever her reasons, be it a naivety towards social media or a clever marketing exploit, being the daughter of the late Baronet Sir Ian Mactaggart & her fifth of a share of his £6.5million estate will help.  Bet she worked the Maths out on that one.  

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