Sunday, 17 March 2013

Stunning technology

In the news today, as the battle for mobile phone supremacy hits the headlines with Samsung launching its latest handset, the ever imaginative illegal trade in stun guns is trying to match their genius by disguising them as mobile phones & even phone covers.

Border staff in Australia discovered 88 of the banned weapons in 2012 but have stated that the amount getting through could be much higher as the i phone brand is now being used to conceal the guns. With many other brands of phones & covers being used, as well as i pad cases, the officials are up against a wave of cunning criminals.

The stun guns are being mainly made in Hong Kong, China & the US, with company, Yellow Jacket developing the idea after one of the founders of the business was attacked in his own home.  The establishment are planning to produce popular smart phone covers in the future to keep up with the smart phone market.

There could be a whole host of little stalls in shopping centres & motorway service stations selling mobile phone Tasers, every colour you want in diamante or with fluffy ears.  The possibilities are endless, personalise you stun gun cover with your own photo.

They could utilise other household items into the guns also, the stun TV remote, the 50,000 volt electric shaver.  Oh hang on, thinking about that one, that could be flawed somewhat. But you get the idea. The fact that they are banned in this country too, could be a stumbling block as well.

With technology becoming even more futuristic practically on a daily basis, the gadget market offers us fascinating prospects ahead.  When you think that all the items we take for granted packed into your smartphone would have previous taken up most of your living room, the World is indeed a scary place.

I’m told that one day, apart from being able to watch TV, videos, surf the internet, play games, put 50,000 volts through intruders, take photos, listen to music, shop, write & read books, you will be able to make phone calls.  Old school or what?!

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