Saturday, 9 March 2013

Short fat & angry

In the news today, the war on obesity has taken a different twist with Vietnam banning short fat traffic police officers.  Local media has reported that officers who are short, (height unspecified), obese, (again no lower weight limit given), or abusive are to be removed from the streets of Hanoi the Vietnam capital.

I’m unsure as to the connection between abusiveness & being fat & short, but possibly by default your nature is such if you are rotund & of a certain weight. Much to say, officials are attempting to improve the public perception of the police who have a reputation for corruption & abuse.

The Hanoi police chief has actually been quoted to say, “Little officers or those with too big a belly will be moved to work in offices so they do not come into contact with the public”. I’m not sure that the Vietnam people are that tall on average anyway, so I’d be interested to see what they regard as ‘Little officers’.  This does invoke all kinds of mental images that I’d best not comment on for fear of offending below average height persons.

Maybe some equipment that resembles the baggage size checkers at airports but for humans.  If your chubby police officer doesn’t fit into the designated shape, it’s a desk job for them.  Bulky officers can rectify their extra weight by dieting but they are going to struggle if they don’t meet the desired height requirements.  Are high heeled shoes the answer?

In attempts to change the view of the Vietnamese public where the police are ranked as the most corrupt officials in the country, the officers have also been placed on a regular physical training programme.  Perhaps this will involve some stretching exercises to help the under height ones.

In 2011 the police were banned from wearing sunglasses & hiding behind trees to ambush motorists to extract fines from them & this year saw female officers placed onto the streets to win over the public.  All of which indicates that short fat angry cops in mirrored glasses are not to be trusted.

I know that removing these unsightly officers from the streets will please the Chief of police, but most of the oversized police in this country work in an office!  What’s the recruitment policy going to like?  Join the Vietnam police service for a rewarding career, (Fat males under 5ft in height need not apply).  

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