Sunday, 17 March 2013

Scottish egg heist

In the news today, a giant 2ft high fibreglass egg has been poached from a street in Glasgow. The brightly Painted ovum is part of collection of giant eggs which have been placed around the streets & shops of the city. 

Some of the eggs feature designs by leading artists & the missing one, entitled A Thousand forests, is reportedly valued at £10,000.  I can immediately see two massive but fatal errors in this idea, one being that it’s valued at £10,000 & the other being Glasgow!

It’s a little unclear as to where the egg was placed, but it appeared to have been in the street somewhere. Andrew Harris, who is the director of fundraising at Action for Children, has pleaded for the pilferer to return the egg which is part of an oversized Easter egg hunt than has spanned London, Birmingham & Manchester, with Glasgow being the only location where thieves have cracked the security & stolen one.

Strathclyde police have now joined the Easter egg hunt, whisking up extra officers & say that they are taking this seriously as this is not a poultry matter.  The painted egg which is one of 101 other huge eggs will be very recognisable as it has yellow & red trees on it. 

Trying desperately to avoid any yolk quips, but the organisers really have been left with the yellow stuff on their faces.  It is believed that the heist took place on Fry-day & that security staff have beaten themselves up over it.  (It’s an egg story, what do you egg spect?).

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