Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Political muscle

In the news today, the parliamentary debate in the Ukraine that had MP’s involved in an alternative deliberation.  The president’s party & the far right opposition took the discussion a step further by attempting to punch out their differences.

In a scene that resembled a late night bar fight in the House of Commons, members of the Ukrainian parliament started to get physical when one of them was booed when he made a speech.  Several spontaneous scraps broke out with MP’s climbing over benches in an attempt to thump members of the opposition.

This is unfortunately not an unusual sight in the Ukrainian parliament, with violence often erupting when verbal discussions fail.  Only last May things got ugly when they attempted to debate giving Russians equal status.  Watching the video footage of the fracas does make you appreciate our rather genteel British approach to politics.

No matter how much we moan about our MP’s, watching the Prime Minister pulling the hair out of back benchers for shouting at him would horrify us, despite the publicity it could attract.  It would however, be an alternative question time if it was resolved by three falls or a knockout.  ‘The honorary member for Finchley South wins the debate on points’.

Oddly enough, Vitaly Klitschko who is the Ukraine’s heavyweight boxing champion is also the head of the UDAR party.  If they do decide all their parliamentary business by a mass brawl, Vitaly has got to be in with a great shot at being President.

In a so called civilised & democratic society run by elected individuals to speak on our behalf for the benefit of the country & in turn for a better World, nothing evokes more interest of the ordinary electorates in dreary politics that a damn good dust up!  

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