Friday, 8 March 2013

Dead end road

In the news today, a man sat dead in his car on a busy road unnoticed for five days.  The man, Alvin Singh was reported missing from Auckland in New Zealand. 

The road was a busy major intersection & Mr Singh had parked his car in clear sight after presumably feeling unwell.  He had reclined in his seat & expired but sat there unobserved for five days in the sweltering New Zealand heat.

After checking the CCTV of the area which covered the poor deceased man’s car the entire time it was parked there, police found that Mr Singh had stopped his car, got out for a brief period & then sat back in the driver’s seat.  The death is not being treated as suspicious because the whole event was recorded by the cameras & no one else was seen near the car for the five days before someone finally raised the alarm.

It has since been established that Mr Singh had a pre-existing medical condition that is likely to have been the cause of his death.  The other down side to sitting deceased in a burning hot car for a long period of time is that it the body’s decomposition process is vastly accelerated. 

The question has to be posed as to why no one even noticed him in the car, I understand that he was reclined in his seat, but it would appear that not even the police stopped by to check on what may have appeared to be just an abandoned vehicle.

Sad that today almost everyone seems just focused on their own little World, incapable or just reluctant to extend out a helping hand to their fellow man because it just might make them late for work or inconvenience them in some way.  Such a shame that many are out for their own gain; kindness is a selfless act with no expectation of reward. 

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