Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Brazilian Fingered!

In the news today, a Doctor in Brazil is facing fraud charges after being caught signing in absent work colleagues to the hospital where she works in the town of Ferraz de Vasconcelos.

The hospital has a sophisticated biometric attendance devise for signing in to work using the employee’s finger to gain access & clock them in.  When Doctor Thaune Nunes Ferreira was arrested following suspicions that she was covering for her absent co-workers, she was found in possession of six prosthetic fingers, three of which bared the fingerprints of fellow associates.

Subsequent to the discovery of the fingers, five other employees have been asked to step aside by the town’s Mayor Acir Fillo.  Mr Fillo has stated that the police investigation into the doctors extra digit activity, has exposed that there are around 300 public employees in the town who he has described as “An army of ghosts”. The indication is that these ‘ghosts’ receive regular wages without even turning up for work. 

The dishonest Dr Ferreira at the centre of this fiasco, far from being prosecuted for her crime should receive recognition for her genius.  It resembles something from Hollywood; there clearly has been a lot of thought & effort gone into this scam.  Credit where credit is due I say, there is certainly a career outside of medicine for her when she gets struck off.

Just thinking what if the entry system to the hospital had been a retina system.  Eyes could be slightly easier to conceal than fingers, in a bag of sweets or mixed in with marbles? But then a low paid employee sat in the entrance to the hospital could have saved all the deceitful behaviour as you’d hope they’d notice one person signing in six others! Unless someone scanned him in, this could be never ending. 

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