Monday, 4 March 2013

Batman bounty hunter

In the news today, Batman has moved from Gotham City & is on secondment to Bradford police.  The caped crusader has already made a difference by handing in a wanted man to the cops.

A 27 year old man was wanted by police in Bradford for burglary, Fraud & breach of a court order.  The criminal was handed into the police station by a man dressed in a full batman outfit, including mask to hide his true identity.  It would appear that the crime fighter presented the felon to officers & then left without revealing his identity.

The stereotypically dressed criminal can been seen in a picture taken in the custody block at Trafalgar House police station in Bradford, Yorkshire in his hoody & tracksuit bottoms along with the superhero stood next to him.  There are no details as to how the man was apprehended by Batman, but there must have been a certain amount of disbelief from the felonious individual.

Rumours that this is a government led initiative in order to introduce more cuts to the already cash strapped police forces has been denied, along with the report that Ministers are using unemployed bounty hunters to massage the true jobless figures. The costumes are of course to avoid them being recognised by their local jobcentre & risk any cuts to benefits.

Whatever the true story behind this adventure, it looks to be kept as secret as the identity of the masked crime fighting campaigner. However he is available for any security work, children’s parties & weddings to help cover the cost of the costume hire.  

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