Saturday, 9 March 2013

Baby on the line

In the news today, the 18.18 Southeastern train from London Victoria to Ashford in Kent was delayed due to a woman giving birth on it.  This news story was brought to the world via the global media application Twitter.

Instead of the usual excuses for a late timetable, National rail tweeted that there would be a delay due to a birth on the train, which beats leaves on the line hands down. They congratulated the mother who gave birth to a girl, who I’m guessing would have been totally mortified at having to perform this natural but private act on a packed commuter train. She was probably standing up too, or swashed into the small compartment between carriages with her nose under a builders armpit.

The normal protocol for medical emergencies on a train is for one of the staff to perform first aid.  I’m guessing the guard took one look at the poor stricken female & went into panic mode, it’s not known who if anyone assisted the woman in her hour of need as passengers were busy tweeting as it was going on.

One ‘tweeter’, who is called @thumper—111, said, “Baby girl just been born on 18.18 Victoria to Ashford at West Malling. Marvelous grats to parents hope all well”.  I’m not sure I’d want any help from @thumper if I’m honest, they seem unable to string together a coherent sentence & can’t spell, I’m guessing their first aid skills would be sadly lacking too.

Another tweet update from National Rail later stated that the baby is doing ok & has been named Phoebe.  Just a shame it wasn’t a boy as the temptation to call him Thomas would have been overwhelming.

It does make you wonder regarding the use of technology today in that people actually would think they were helping by announcing to the World on social media about what is going on in front of them rather than get hands on, or worse still, film it.  With virtually everyone having connection to the internet, video & the ability to send information instantly to millions on a small hand held device, the words of Albert Einstein never rang more true.

“I fear that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”.  Of course he would tweet that today. 

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