Thursday, 28 February 2013

What's that I can hear?

In the news today, a tumbleweed invasion that has buried a man’s house in Texas, America.  The free rolling plant has covered one side of Josh Pitman’s house after strong winds of over 60MPH.

Of course, the ‘buries’ house statement isn’t completely true as only one side was covered but with all stories, a punchy attention grabbing title always helps.  The plants had rolled on top of each other causing a walled effect that blocked doorways to Josh’s house.

Josh informs us that his wife sent him a text with a photo of the left side of the house enclosed by the plants.  Firstly Josh, why didn’t your wife just tell you or if she wasn’t talking to you, just point at them?  Texting really has taken the art of conversation away hasn’t it!  Secondly, Josh you stated, “I didn’t even know this many tumbleweeds existed”.  I confess to not having a fantastic knowledge of tumbleweeds, but I could have given it a good shot at estimating that there are enough in the World to cover your entire house Josh!

Tumble weeds are formed when the plant dries & breaks from its roots & utilises the wind to blow it across the ground for it to be able to spread its spores.  The plants are not native to the US but are famously portrayed sweeping along the dusty streets of the old Wild West in cowboy movies.  It is often used in connection with the death of a conversation after one participant unwittingly says something unfunny, the sound of tumbleweed!

Ironically poor Josh only recently tore down a fence to the side of his house that would have prevented the clinging weeds preventing him exiting from the house.  Josh stated, “It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen”.  In 1989 the town of Mobridge in South Dakota spent a week and $8,500 digging out from under 30 tons of the dry prairie weeds!

Now that’s ridiculous Josh, what’s that sound? 

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