Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tom Cruise & the Battered Sausage

In the news today, Tom Cruise eats curry. Not only that they have made a film about it too. I kid you not; the short film is being entered into the St Albans film festival’s short film competition also.

The film is based on the visit of Tom & some friends to an Indian restaurant last August in St Albans and features some hilarious scenes of the consumption of a Chicken Tikka Masala & Lobster, some people sitting at a table & eventually leaving the restaurant.  And if you haven’t already had some internal organ damage from laughing by then, there is the part when Tom is told that they don’t except American Express & one of his friends has to settle the bill. Its movie gold.

The festivals director, the internationally acknowledged, Leoni Kibbey, (don’t ask), informs us that everyone in the film is wearing a Tom Cruise mask, “It’s very funny”. I’ll take your word on that one, Leoni.  There is no information on the length of the film but I’m guessing that with starters, main & a possible desert, which to be honest are not the strong point of any Indian restaurant, you’re going to struggle at condensing it to more than 30 minutes.

In a vain attempt to give the film some more credibility, or even any credibility, Leoni is quick to point out that director Stanley Kubrick lived in St Albans & film pioneer Arthur Melbourne-Cooper was born there too.  Both events can have no bearing on the film what so ever & are just a shameless endeavour at name dropping. And just for good measure she informs us that Pinewood & Elstree studies are nearby too. Admittedly Elstree studios are 9.1 miles from St Albans but she is stretching the Pinewood connection a bit as it is 22.2 miles away in a different county! 

udios are 9.1 miles from St Albans but she is stretching the Pinewood connection a bit as it is 22.2 miles away in a dThere’s no reason why this film should stop there, there could be a long run of sequels to this if it takes off.  A Poppadum too far – Curry night II, Tom Cruise & the battered sausage, Do you want Chips with that? Tom Cruise is lovin’ it.  The possibilities are endless.  I’ll keep an eye out for it at the Oscars. 

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