Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Titanic II - the unsinkable II

In the news today is that the Titanic is to be rebuilt.  Not the one sitting on the bottom of the Atlantic, but we are told, a full size working replica of the original ship.  Being named the unimaginative Titanic II, & due for completion in 2016, it’s set to spark a great deal of interest.

The plan is that it will be given a maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, a repeat of the 1912 journey that didn’t end too well last time with the original ship.  It is claimed that the new Titanic will precisely resemble the original ship in every detail. This all means that it will have nine floors, 840 rooms & accommodate 2,400 passengers along with 900 crew members.

A couple of issues that I have noticed, the first being that it is being built in China.  Given the ‘Made in China’, cheap & cheerful label that has become synonymous with substandard goods from that part of the World, I’m instantly concerned that they are aiming so high with this project. Come on guys, at least build up to it, ambitious is a major understatement.  Maybe start out with a sailing ship & work up?

The second issue is that once completed the Titanic II will be sailed to Southampton to make its maiden voyage.  I can be fairly dumb at times like the next person, but I’m not missing this am I?  Wouldn’t the maiden voyage be from China to Southampton?  Anyway, the ships second maiden voyage will be the exactly the same as the ill-fated ‘unsinkable’ Titanic but hopefully without the same result.

The company constructing the liner have stated that unlike the original it will be fitted with advanced technologies, including the latest life-saving communication systems. So a radio then?  The more I find out of this scheme, the more I am filled with a sense of foreboding worry. I’d suggest the fitting of a device that is able to detect massive blocks of floating ice might be a prudent investment.

Whatever the outcome of this venture, I along with the rest of the World will await excitedly for the arrival of the Titanic II, especially with it already receiving enquiries from potential passengers with some offering up to $1m to be on the maiden voyage.  If you are one of them, just make sure that you’re booked on the ‘other’ maiden voyage before parting with that much cash!

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