Saturday, 23 February 2013

Time Sisters please

In the news today, the publican prosecuted for after-hours drinking with a pub full of drunken Nuns.  Christy Walsh has been fined 700 Euros after Police raided his pub in Listowel, County Kerry twice in one night, on both occasions discovering the bar contained Nuns.

The fine Mr Walsh is not the worst corruptor of Sisters in history, neither an anti-religious fanatic attempting to ruin the good name of the church, but in fact a charity raising organiser.  For Christy had assembled the largest gathering of people dressed as nuns in a new World record with 1,436 descending upon the small town garbed in their Nun’s outfits.

In the cleverly named ‘Nunday’, 3,000 extra people arrived at the town doubling its population all in aid of the Pieta House, suicide & self-harm charity, a charity close to Christy’s heart as his own Son committed suicide at 17.  Given all this you’d have thought that the local police would have been a little more tolerant.

Mr Walsh was making a brave attempt to arrange taxis for the intoxicated Holy sister’s but with only 10 taxis in the town, the demand far outweighed the cabs, he even started to run some of them home himself.  But the local constabulary spoil sports decided that they would put a stop to the fun by taking legal action against the publican after a duo of organised raids.  Which in truth probably involved them opening the door & walking in.

Mr Walsh is said to be disappointed by the prosecution but on the plus side the charity event did raise 26,000 Euros.  The local convent was also approached prior to the event & they were said to give the occasion their blessing.  I wonder if any of the patrons propping up the bar when the police raided at 04.00 hours were actual Nun’s?  what a perfect opportunity, no wonder they didn’t object.

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