Saturday, 23 February 2013

Stop! We'll have no fun here.....

In the news today from our Australian cousins in a Sidney shopping centre, that have placed a ban on screaming children after complaints about the little darlings becoming too loud near to the centres play area!

Ok I for one can totally get that out of control kids shattering the peace can be a real pain, but the fact that it’s coming from the play area that the shopping centre put in place is a little contradictory.  The complaints are that the children are running amuck in the food court & that the screams could be heard in the centre staffs office.  So this may be just that the staff have had enough of the noise.

Such is the annoyance to the staff from the kids that they have put up a sign which reads:  ‘Stop. Parents please be considerate of other customers using the food court. Screaming children will not be tolerated in the centre.’  Which in short this could be interpreted as;

‘Stop. Parents instead of using the centre as a dumping ground for your monsters to cause havoc while you gossip to your friends, keep them under control or they will be forcibly removed & placed into social care, as you are clearly an unfit parent.’

Obviously this ban has provoked uproar with parents, ever protective of their offspring no matter how much of a little delinquent they might be.  Parents will go to great lengths to defend their brood when they come under the slightest criticism, when in short; nine times out of ten it is the direct actions of the parent that result in the condemnation.  Here’s an idea, stop blaming other people for your child’s appalling behaviour when they learn it direct from source.

With the debate still continuing a child psychologist has now joined in the argument, because he isn’t going to be bias towards the shopping centre is he?  Dr Carr-Gregg said, “I do think we are becoming increasingly selfish & intolerant…This could be a violation of the United Nations rights of the child.”  I’m guessing that Dr Double barrelled child expert doesn’t spend a lot of time in shopping centre food courts & that he may frequent the trendier Dr friendly, child biased coffee shops of Sydney.

There are some that agree with the good doctor in that you are only young once & that children should be allowed to run unrestricted to express themselves freely, even if this does involve making other members of the public miserable. Then there are others that have the opinion that all children should be seen but not heard.  Gaffa tape works very well for this, but you do need to bind their hands also to prevent them removing it.

I think this debate will not reach a harmonious outcome without the intervention of a non-biased third party, so here goes:  Lift the ban on screaming kids to immediately appease the parents, but not wishing to be seen to roll over & have your nuts tickled, implement some simple but stringent rules.  All children can have free run of the newly located play area situated in the basement, that doesn’t require adult supervision as the centres new employee, Cuddles the Hybrid Wolf will maintain order, thus leaving the parents free to shop & chat. 

It could work?

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