Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sticky moments

In the news today, a sticky situation on the A76 in Dumfries with a glue container shedding its 19 ton load on the road.  The lorry container burst when it jack-knifed forcing the route between Dumfries & Cumnock in east Ayrshire to be closed.

Diversions were set in place whilst the police stuck their heads together to work out a plan of action to clear the tacky road.  The super amount of glue was said to have affected the road surface & that motorists were asked to avoid the area.

Motorists were unhappy at being stuck in traffic jams but there was little that could have been done as the paste slowed the pace of the cars.  Local residents were left feeling glum at not being able to access the road that was coated in gum.

A police spokesperson stated, “I’ve been in some sticky situations in my time, but this is literally the stickiest”. The road was finally re opened some time later when the adhesive had been given sufficient time to dry & the excess glue was wiped from the cracks with a damp cloth.

What else did you expect me to do with this story?

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