Monday, 18 February 2013

Slow burner

In the news today, a Norwegian TV broadcaster is showing a 12 hour programme of a wood fire burning. The transmission is said to be keeping in touch with Norwegians spiritual relationship with fire.

Featuring commentaries from firewood specialists on such riveting topics as chopping, stacking & most importantly, burning the wood.  It will also feature music & poetry.  All this from the same TV Company that previously treated its viewers to 130 hours of a cruise ship sailing up the Norwegian coast to the Artic.

I must confess to not being totally au fait on current Norwegian trends but I’m having an educated guess that they are a fairly modern vibrant culture.  Fire is, as stated by the head of the broadcasting company, the reason we’re here & without it they couldn’t live in Norway as they would freeze. Granted, this is true, fire is very important, but is it the only form of heat in the country?  We have central heating; I’m sure its reached Scandinavia by now.

If most Norwegians have a wood burner, as hinted at by the importance given to wood by the TV company, all they need do to recreate their own show is the following:  Light the wood fire, chop & stack some wood for later, play some music whilst reading a book on poetry whilst sat next to the fire.

The advantage of watching the TV programme is that it’s all done for you, sit there & watch it for hours without having to chop, stack, burn or read.  But if you are sitting there in the cold watching TV, maybe it would be a good idea to light the fire to keep warm, oh & chop & stack a few logs for later too.  Then maybe you could flick your eyes between the TV fire & real fire so fast that they blend into one causing a 3D effect.

I’m not sold on it, nothing beats a real fire on a warm winters night, cuddled up on the sofa watching soap operas, Big Brother, Take me Out, The Hotel or endless 1970’s comedy repeat shows.  What channel is the wood burning on?!

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