Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rabbits 1 Humans 0

In the news today, a report of delinquent rabbits at Denver Airport.  The little furry fiends are causing thousands of dollars of damage by nibbling at car’s ignition cables.  

Drawn to cars for their warmth, once they are nicely settled they start to chew the insulator section & are becoming more than just a slight nuisance. Despite many efforts to outwit them, the most sophisticated creatures on earth are being outmanoeuvred by a bunny rabbit. 

Typically for the dominant species, man has got so focused on getting the better of the rabbits, that anger appears to have clouded their thought process & they are coming up with ever greater schemes to win the battle.

Wildlife workers, whatever they are, are ‘removing’ about 100 rabbits a month, but given their prodigious breeding habits, this is not even making a dent as they can reproduce at will.  Parking companies have spent thousands on fencing but given that the humble rabbit’s second best skill after breeding is digging, this is also proving futile.

I know that in comparison our human brain is vast to the bunnies, but we actually only use an estimated 10% of its full potential, the rabbit must be using its entire smaller one but it would seem that about evens it up.
Perches have also been erected for Hawks & Eagles in a hope that they will help pick them off.  Not really sure that I’ve seen too many birds of prey hanging out at airports? Maybe they feel intimidated by the giant flying birds with jet engines strapped to their wings.

In a final desperate act, local mechanics have offered a solution to the problem.  Coating the wire with Fox urine is said to deter them!  Now I know what you’re thinking, extracting the urine is the first snag I’m detecting, closely followed by where do you buy it?  Given the clever antics of the rabbits, us dumb humans have no chance against the ‘cunning’ of the Fox! 

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