Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Graduate refund

In the news today, the ruling that you can’t work for free.  A judge has deemed it illegal for the Department of Work & Pensions, (DWP), to have forced a woman to leave her voluntary job at a museum to take an unpaid job at Poundland because she was claiming benefits whilst looking for employment.

The back to work scheme in place by the Government stopped payments of job seekers allowance for anyone who refused to work unpaid.  In the ruling the woman can claim back the money she was stopped.  Another man that lost his benefits for refusing to take an unpaid job has also won his appeal & this not only looks to set a precedent but will give the Government a kick in the shins with the outcome of some slight reddening & possible bruising.

 I am full of praise for people that contribute their services for free but agree that if you put in a day’s work you should get paid in return.  The man who is a qualified mechanic was told to work cleaning furniture.  That’s like asking a surgeon to sweep the streets, not only a total insult but a waste of a talent too. 
Not wishing to cast any kind of aspersions on the fine products that Poundland provide, all at a very reasonable price, but forcing the poor woman who was a graduate too to stack shelves & wash floors for no money, (not even a token £1), is almost slavery. I understand that this scheme is aimed at the long term job shy that have an allergic reaction at the very mention of the dirty W word, but this ruling will have them laughing into their giro checks.

The government have stated they will challenge the ruling but whatever the outcome they are going to have to come up with a more cunning scheme to tease the countries unemployable masses away from their sofas & daytime TV & into the real World of an honest day’s work for a decent wage, along with the respect that accompanies it.

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