Thursday, 14 February 2013

French Speed freak

In the news today, a French driver who was forced to drive at 125mph through France & into Belgium when a ‘malfunction’ forced his car to accelerate every time he applied the brakes.

Frank Lecerf managed to call the police whilst driving at this speed who in turn contacted toll roads to get the barriers lifted in preparation for the speeding car.  The police even contacted a Renault engineer who also attempted to stop the car.  I have a vision of him hanging out of another car shouting instructions dressed in a black & white striped shirt & sporting a ring of onions but that would of course be totally stereotypical & wrong, albeit funny.

The driver stated that he had had problems with the accelerator previously, oh really, would that have resulted in a speeding fine by any chance?  Hate to be sceptical but I smell something stronger than the Renault engineer’s necklace.  It is also stated that poor frank also suffered not one but two, epileptic seizures during his ordeal, how unlucky is this man! “My life flashed before me”, (in an over the top French accent).

I think, Frank, that you may have been feeding us a little French garlic porky.  Just how gullible are the French cops too?  125mph & you manage to call the police whilst not hitting anything whilst fitting!  If you were that quick thinking maybe pulling the keys out of the ignition might have been the better option? He only stopped when he ran out of fuel which all adds to my incredulous view on this story.

This has all resulted in Frank getting his lawyer to lodge a legal complaint against Renault for endangering his client’s life.  I think trying to see how fast your car can reach & then get caught speeding & create a detailed tangled web of deception has endangered Franks life, totally self-inflicted. Shame on you monsieur Lecerf. 

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