Sunday, 10 February 2013


In the news today is the insect eating shrew like creature that scientists have announced that we humans have evolved from.
Following nicely on from the asteroid that hit the earth wiping out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, this half a pound in weight mammal is claimed to be the one that all mammals have evolved from.  The men in white coats, (totally assuming that all scientists wear them); can fairly confidently announce these amazing discoveries without fear of argument.  Comparing physical traits & with the use of DNA, they are assertively happy that no one will challenge them.

DNA is always a great tool to have in the scientific tool box, everyone has heard of it & has a basic understanding of it & 99.9% of us take any findings published about it without question.  What if it is total rubbish?  The scientific fraternity are inwardly snickering to themselves every time they attribute a discovery to DNA.  ‘Through complex DNA technology we can positively announce that all Politicians are descendants of the Weasel’. 

What does it actually stand for? The correct answer is Deoxyribonucleic acid, or in simple terms, Duped nonsensical Arseholes. Yes I get it that that it’s the genetic code for all living life forms but do I understand any more than what I dutifully accept as the truth?  Not really if I’m honest, if I was told that from DNA testing I was related to tree I’d go with it. 

The results of this so far un-named rat, have taken six years of study. Six years!  How long does it take to stare at DNA through a microscope? And who funds all this research? ‘Right guys, I’ve secured funding, I suggest we hang it out for six years to make it look like a really in-depth study, then invent a new species’.
The upshot being is that  Professor Know more than you from the University of Don’t even question us on this, has spoken & the world believes it.  Interestingly the report shows an artist’s impression of the creature, which they haven’t even given a name.  The drawing is a rat like being that has a longer extra-long tail & elongated nose.  So a rat in effect.  I’m not convinced but it is in the news today.

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