Sunday, 10 February 2013


In the news today, the ex-partner of on the run ex-American cop, Christopher Dorner claims he is ‘Disturbed’. Wow, I’m guessing her specialist subject is the bleeding obvious.

This is the guy that has murdered three people & has vowed “Warfare” on a list of high value targets, disturbed is an understatement. That’s like referring to Hitler as a little misunderstood.  This guy has got every cop in the state of Los Angeles & beyond on high alert, so much so that they are popping caps into innocent people in their cars. (Getting very jumpy & shooting innocent members of the public, oops).  Got to love America.

This guy isn’t your usual nut job with a gun that our American cousins have a knack of producing as fast as a burger through a drive through.  No, he is an ex-navy reservist who has served active duty in Iraq & trained as a cop too.  He isn’t a UK cop reeking revenge by rooming the country waving his truncheon & wearing a silly hat, this guy has access to some serious weaponry & knows how to use it.

The LAPD Chief of Police has not really helped the matter by stating that they have no idea where he could be & no leads to his whereabouts. Which is evident as the search for Dorner now stretches across California, Nevada & into Mexico.  The chief has been quoted saying, “Of course he knows what he’s doing, we trained him”, yeah not helping! Dorner’s ex had posted his badge number onto the internet warning other woman about him & calling him ‘twisted’ & ‘paranoid’, (add subtlety to her list of people skills). 

I’m in no way condoning this man’s behaviour, but come on, if this man is so dangerous & the authorities were aware of it, he was sacked in 2008, that’s a long time to plan this.  Was he just one crazy on the very extensive US list of crazy’s that they haven’t got round too?  It’s a really good argument in the American gun law debate, but this man was meant to be one of the good guys.    

Whatever the outcome of this, & the smart money will be on it not ending with him repenting his ways,  joining the church & group hugs with his ex-colleagues, this is one story that will run for a while as well as being in the news today.

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