Sunday, 10 February 2013

100% not what it seems

In the news today, I have to make note of the horsemeat scandal, or conspiracy, which ever you believe.  It does strike me as little odd that suddenly how so many cases of ‘accidental’ contamination there have been in the recent weeks.

It all started with Tesco & is currently tarnishing the household name of Findus.  With reports of up to 100% horsemeat in some products, you have to wonder at how much of a mishap this has been.  Is it, a widely practiced use of horse that has been rumbled or an employee on a youth training scheme not knowing the difference between a pony & a cow?

I know that in its raw form, meat is meat, but why is there horse meat in the factory that is making beef Lasagne?  The talk of an international criminal conspiracy has been mentioned by the Government & this conjures up a multitude of themes in my head. From a gang of gangsters tip toing into the Findus factory with a sack full of horsemeat, after being slipped a payment at the door by the owner. To a band of freedom cow liberators, swapping cows for painted black & white horses.

Looking into this theory a little deeper, no one can be totally unaware that this has been going on, can they?  And if we are happily eating my little pony blissfully ignorant of the fact, it can’t be that bad for you can it?  The French seem to like it, but that’s nothing to base an argument on & our continental neighbours require a whole chapter to themselves with regards to their abnormal eating habits.

The head of a food guarantee scheme that covers British production standards has been quoted as saying, “I would hope that the fresh meat people are eating for Sunday lunch today should not be affected by this”.  Hope? Oh well fingers crossed that my chicken was a chicken today!

So to be totally safe from this fiasco, you need to either be a vegetarian or failing that just avoid beef burgers, cottage pie, beef curry pie, lasagne, any frozen ready meals, shopping at Tesco, Aldi & don’t buy any Findus products.  I know that basically removes the staple diet of most of the country who can’t afford lamb or venison. But there’s still the good old chicken, failing any bird flu or salmonella outbreak or scandal involving an international gang of pigeon smugglers.

With schools fearful of contaminated meat, the Department for education have issued a ‘Not our problem’, statement by informing us that the schools & local councils are responsible for food contracts.  A typically unsupportive, for the people as long as we don’t get affected, response from our ever caring Government there.

Whatever the outcome of this story, you know that it’s going to be hotter than a Tesco economy burger for a while to come as it remains in the news today.

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